studio – the creative works of Barbara Lindsay Carlson




Meet the team...

MICHAEL | The artist, designer, & beverage connoisseur

Michael is the eldest of the Carlson kids and has the most experience when it comes to...well anything. He inherited his creative genes from his mother, where he has persude his artistic talents and have developed them since. He prefers honing his abilities and focusing on photography, graphic design, and the fine art of brewing coffee and drinking beers never heard of.  Combining his creative talent and graphic design skills he has been honored in Paris, France for his design work. Needless to say he's a guy of many talents. 


CASEY | The girl that gets it done

Casey is the retail expert in the group, working in retail for years she knows how to manage and make sure things run  smoothly (which is a huge task with a family business). Where Casey goes her family follows, she's a wealth of knowledge and always leads us down the right path. Although Casey is famous for her impeccable note taking skills, she is the heart and soul behind this company. Working closely with Barb to help achieve the vision that is desired for each and every project.


KATE | The youngest, designer, & entertainment for the family

Kate is a graphic designer that loves getting her hands dirty whenever she can.  Like most of her family, she is a creative soul that appreciates designing new and fresh things everyday.  Her mind is constantly ticking with about 10 different ideas at a single time.  Kate brings design knowledge to the table, like she brings wine to the table, often and constantly flowing.  She is fluent in identity design, product design, packaging/print and web.